ghost hack and aimbot

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ghost hack and aimbot

Post by Razor » Thu 15. Aug 2013, 23:19

so lately in these days i met a player from russia (lol) using this kind of ghost hack.

the hack simply teleport this guy in a "free-zone" with no danger, then he just start shoot and kill people with aimbots. Walls, mountains, water...doesn't matter, bullets still hit and kill people, passing through everything.

also another player had this kind of hack, but seems like this last guy didn't try to join again...what instead didn't do the russian guy, joining for 5 times on the server -.-

me and AMD were online and decided to play with him a bit, jailing him and not letting him escape keeping killing him for 25 times lol... he never left :| (dumb as hell....)

so these are the id and ip...pls be sure to check every russian guy playing ;)

Player: Best-Server-Ever | Host: | Profile: 440507995
Player: Best-Camper-Ever | Host: | Profile: 160541181
Player: Balls-Of-Steel | Host: | Profile: 155611688
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Re: ghost hack and aimbot

Post by Pacifiztus » Thu 15. Aug 2013, 23:44

LOL that can be the way to do it, tease them a little. Thanks for the info I will keep an eye out ;)

Btw: Thanks for the trust letting me be a Mod, I willl do my best :D

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Re: ghost hack and aimbot

Post by alex_daimler » Sat 17. Aug 2013, 19:10

Ich habe eben auch einen Cheater gehabt , aber mit diesem Host :
Name: Dont-Nuke-Me! | ID: 452170304| Host: | Channel: 450

Er konnte durch ganze Map fliegen , unsichtbar alle killen

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