We joined the CryMP network

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We joined the CryMP network

Post by doc » Sat 5. Dec 2020, 01:52

Based on your requests, O'Neill and I decided to unite the Crysis communities and to join the CryMP network. While the old servers should be online for a few more weeks, their only purpose now is to inform players about the new servers and the required client change.

To continue playing on our servers, you have to install the CryMP client as explained here. To migrate your account from the old to the new servers, write "!migrate (username)" on one of the new servers (using your username from the multiplayer login of the Desislava client). If you forgot your username or cannot migrate, just contact me. If you have not played online via the CryMP client before, please take a look at the network rules. Also check out the other available servers. To get in touch with other CryMP players, visit their forum or Discord.

O'Neill now takes care of the server payments and player donations again (as he did before 2014). The PayPal donation address stays the same. I will keep maintaining the servers and server mod as before.

Have fun and stay healthy!

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