Getting kick from server germancrysis

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Getting kick from server germancrysis

Post by JUBA » Sun 27. Dec 2020, 18:59

i was delighted that gercry was grouped with crymp .. but after a few days things just popped up

the server is full of bugs, the players with the lowest ping become " invincible" (skilled or not) which is not the case in the other servers and there are plenty of other things (that's another topic)
my problem :

several times I was excluded from germancrysis .. I asked the question to someone (player) he told me because of: item.lua
I believed that there are corronpu files, I reinstall the games and the problem persists

I have this problem in germancrysis only and not in the other servers

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Re: Getting kick from server germancrysis

Post by doc » Mon 28. Dec 2020, 00:33

You are probably using an RPG mod with a modded Item.lua file, even though RPG mods do not need that file to work properly. It only makes it harder for servers to detect cheaters. Players think the server is bugged when it only does its job. I hoped the situation changed during the last few years, but here we are again. Anyway, you should be able to join again.

JUBA wrote: Sun 27. Dec 2020, 18:59 the server is full of bugs
If you want bugs to be fixed, it's always a good idea to report them (and to provide information about the circumstances). I appreciate all bug reports and try my best to fix them quickly (if they are caused by the server mod).

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