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Post by Coregamer » Wed 26. Nov 2014, 21:24

Hello, so today I write -pissed- that you still play the same freaking map on that server since the game was released... Is this a joke?

Why not include some great maps such as beach (or even shore) or plantation?

Why not Mesa (map) :

So since Mesa is a desert map, I have some facts to examine here: (from Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_evolution)
Anthropologists in the 1980s were divided regarding some details of reproductive barriers and migratory dispersals of the Homo genus. Subsequently, genetics has been used to investigate and resolve these issues. According to the Sahara pump theory evidence suggests that genus Homo have migrated out of Africa at least three times (e.g. Homo erectus, Homo heidelbergensis and Homo sapiens).
You see? That would mean that 90% of you are just evolved monkeys, lol...
Because you like the desert areas which "human ancestors" supposedly lived for a very long time and you somehow think it is still good.

Come on lets change it up.

And seriously, even if you are not an evolved monkey, then you should really admit allready, that some variance is needed.

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