Nuke Aiming

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I shot the Sheriff
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Nuke Aiming

Post by I shot the Sheriff » Tue 20. Aug 2019, 09:32

Hey all,
recently I had the chance to experiment a bit with shooting the nukes right from the prototype´s rooftop to the enemy´s base. Therefore I share the results for anyone interested. With a player position right in front of the rooftop entrance you can be pretty safe hitting the US/NK base by the following angles (make sure to stay in the armor mode). Mind that on several maps 2 parabolic trajectories are possible.

Map: Shore
To US: 35 or 56
To NK: 15 or 72

Map: Beach
To US: 55
To NK: 15 or 73

Map: Mesa
To US: 31 or 60
To NK: 25 or 65

Map: Refinery
To US: 8
To NK: 4

Map: Test (not sure what the name was, it´s not the standard prototype factory)
To US: 14 or 79
To NK: 8

Since I had a helping hand on this by someone from this community and this experiments are a few days ago, I can´t remember your ingame name to give you credits. Moreover I missed to note the command for the console to display infos such as the players aiming-angle. It started with "r_" - I am sorry for that inconvenience. :P


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