Explaining Crysis adjustment

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Explaining Crysis adjustment

Postby senna » Sun 25. Oct 2015, 10:13

Hello people,

idk if this is the right place in this forum, but i find no other...
Im a casual player so idk many things about crysis adjusting.
For example Crysis menu, advanced crysis graphic settings...
What is postprocessing-quality... see no difference
Can someone explain the several settings..
Its good for beginners i think :D
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Re: Explaining Crysis adjustment

Postby doc » Sun 25. Oct 2015, 13:15

This guide should be a good starting point.
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Re: Explaining Crysis adjustment

Postby BOUzID » Sun 25. Oct 2015, 21:41

I think this is the right moment to start using Uncle Google :D :D :arrow: :idea:
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