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Re: ??

Post by zokiopp » Sat 22. Sep 2012, 16:30

I apologize to you o neil i didnt knew you are the owner because i never saw you ingame.
but i wont apologise to therry because he made the STUPIDEST lie in his online life. like i said he was not even spectating to ban some other guy that used cheats. pure lies. check that in your logs. he was on and playing and gave me ban because he was angry. i know that feeling because i was =UltraGaming= admin for long time in Cry wars before and gave 1 player ban coz he pwned me :D but i diddt lied i just said it was anger :D

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Re: ??

Post by Ses » Sat 22. Sep 2012, 16:49

zokiopp wrote:i called you o neil a pussylicker?
well whats wrong with that? if you banned me for that. then you are dicksucker. im sorry didn't knew you are gay :P :D

Zoki pban in Forum too...

closed :x

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Re: ??

Post by Mr. Hill » Sat 22. Sep 2012, 18:45

Insults = Ban / If they do this again = Permban / thats my proceeding

I hate Gamer who insults others after they died. I dont tolerate this too.

Besser den Jahren mehr Leben geben als dem Leben mehr Jahre...

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Re: ??

Post by King-George » Sun 23. Sep 2012, 23:07

Der Typ ist ja lustich....... 13 oder 14 Jahre alt und von Tuten und Blasen keine Ahnung.