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Re: DCM680

Postby mandariene » Tue 5. Jul 2011, 10:39

krishnaparmar wrote:i havent seen more thn half of members

i almost see cryterra amd lukyluke msci msciwife and more 3 ppl out of admin and mods
what the use thn
when u ppl r not around we suffer

Just because you don't see us, that doesn't mean, we're not there! I am "idling" on the server alot, but always as a "nomad" (player with a servername, like "GerCry-slave110").

krishnaparmar wrote:i m from india
and i myself help a security comppany in ethical hacking

though im 15 my brain and knowledge is more than a 30 yr old

Either you're programmer who knows how to hack, because he has to find security holes, or you are a hacker. "Ethically hacking" is a myth -entities like "lulzhack" are proofing that everyday. Gaining unwanted acces to whatever data the hacker wants to find is a crime, and in doing so the hacker loses all ethnically claim he might had...

By the way: That'S the way all fiften year olds think...
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