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Post by Temp » Fri 21. Nov 2014, 16:59

Hey guys, two days ago i see nazism, "f**k russia" "f**cking putin" and other. I don't found forum for it, so i write it here. So, we played on "Mesa server" and TIA Server see one guy who don't like russian and very agressive - f**k russian without a reason. About this player i don't know much but i know he don't have pernament nick(account) and play as random names. But i see he renamed in "bubi", "Temp-Noob".
-Temp and sven76crew
If you need i can place more screenshots
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Re: Nazism

Post by keneti » Fri 21. Nov 2014, 18:01

If in game exist Admin or Moderator (you can check that with !admins command - write that command in chat and then open console with ~ )
They should to !mute people who swear without any reason (or ban them) :mrgreen:

You should to know different servers ( I mean desislava demo server) have another admins (different than GerCrysis)

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Re: Nazism

Post by Temp » Fri 21. Nov 2014, 18:29

Thx but i don't see no one admin on servers

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Re: Nazism

Post by embak » Fri 21. Nov 2014, 19:23

If you see that again please report directly to DieAerzte in Personal Message - but need to know date, time (if you report your local time we will convert to Central European Time so easy) and server in who you see that.
I am 90% sure that kid who swear are NOT from Germany :mrgreen: (next time we will catch him)
About problems in desislava demo server report to DieAerzte94 too (or to me if you wish ;) because I can talk Russian language without any problems)
Report to me only for problems about desislava servers please.

Admin please lock thread and then delete.
The dispute is a way to reinforce delusions in your opponents. ;)

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Re: Nazism

Post by Coregamer » Thu 1. Jan 2015, 10:25

I would say ban Temp instead.

We can't afford to let people like Temp destroy the spirit of the game.

How is this even Nazism?! Are you so brainwashed that you believe that 90% of seemingly wrong things are Nazism? Or are you so scared of it?

There seems that on the server there are just 2 groups of people :

1. ones that try to ruin the game for everyone else

2. Everyone else

The problem is that the second group doesn't do anything and The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing

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