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Posted: Sat 30. Oct 2010, 14:37
by mandariene
Here's a list for nearly all commands which can be used at our server. Use the chat to activate them ("z" or "y"). By using the teamchat ("u") you can avoid the enemy seeing your commands!
Some commands will only be active/usable on one of our two servers. If you use an inactive command nothing will happen, so you can just ignore that command in the future on that server and be sad that it doesn't work.


Below this list will be some posts with updates, changelogs and some other stuff. This is written in german, but it isn't important, so if you don't understand it you won't miss anything.

For all users

!info This will show some information about the server.
!cheaterlist Shows a list of recognized and known cheaters and hackers. If someone on the list is online please consult a Moderator to punish or kick'em.
!time Shows the actual servertime. Note: The shown time is that of the GMT+1!
!vote kick (name) Starts a vote to kick the player who's name had been entered at (name).
!transfer (name) (value) Transfers the entered value of prestige-points to the entered name.
!lockbunker Spawns a fence around the bunker at E4.
!spy After using this command watch the console to see your enemies vehicles -works only if you have the rank of a captain at least!
!nation Use this to stay in your team. The autobalance won't switch you!
!lsdtrip Try it...
!bigsmoke A smoke-grenade will explode at your position.
!fog Multiple smoke-grenades explode around your position.
!mortar (distance in meters) Hell yeah, okay?
!portal Teleports you to the aircraft-facility in your teams base.
!taxi Spawns a taxi in front of you -use it to escape for example.
!truck Same as the taxi. A truck spawns in front of you.
!tank Spawns a tank in front of you.
!boat If you think of planes now, you are more desperate than I thought...
!mobil Spawns a mobile factory in front of you: A truck where you can buy vehicles.
!spawngroup Spawns mobile spawnpoint in front of you (looks like a truck).
!lock Locks your current vehicle, if you are the driver and owner.
!unlock What do you think it will do?
!out Kicks all other players out of your vehicle (if you are the owner and driver).
!flare Fires a flare, to mark your position.
!firework Use it to mark an area for example.
!jump Brings you up in the air. Press "Spacebar" to open your chute.
!para Gives you a parachute (again...) to let you land safer...
!stuck Teleports you a few meter in the air. Use it only if you're stuck!
!bank Use this command with the three following additions to use the bank.
status This addition will show your bank-level and your current storaged money/prestige-points.
import (value) This addition will transfer the entered value of money/prestige-points from your character to your bank account.
export (value) This addition will transfer the entered value from you bank account to your character. Happy shopping... :D
!reset This will reset your Kill-Death-rate to 0. Use with caution since you can't undo that!
!killme This will kill you instantly.
!kdr If you enter this, the server will show your current K/D as a decimal cipher.
!hey This will show a message to all players, that you have arrived!
!afk Use this to show the other players you are away from your keyboard.
!back Use this, to show'em you're back.
!raceportal If an Administrator or Moderator hast started a race, use this to teleport yourself to the start!
!hq This will show the status of you HQ in percent. Little bit useless due to the HUD.

For Premium Members

Premium-members are donators and other important players. If you want to become a premium-member ask Kalle or AMD for details. Premium-members have also direct acces to a special chatcommand:

!premium Use this to get the premium equipment. Activates the shop, so you can buy ammunition and weapons everywhere!

For Admins/Mods

!say (message) Shows the entered message to all players.
!players Shows the names, host/IP's and channel-ID's of all players playing on the server. The channel-ID can be used to kick a player, if he cannot be kicked via his name. If you ban a player please note the shown host and ID forehand and post their names in the "Cheater"-Forum!
!kick (name) Kicks the player who's name is entered.
!kickid (player-channel/-ID) Kicks the player who's ID is entered. (for further information on accessing ID's see !status)
!ban (name) Bans the named player for this round.
!rename (name) (new name) Renames the player with the new name.
!renameid (name) (new name) Renames the player with the written ID.
!admin x_pban (name) Bans the player PERMANENTLY! USE WITH CAUTION!!! Just for Administrators.
!ncorner (name) (time) Jailes the entered player for the time entered at (time).
!race Starts a race with the settings below or -if none entered- with LTVs.
hover Starts an hovercraft-race.
tank Starts an sloooooowly tank-race.
abort Aborts the current race. Note: Only if currently a race is active.
!cheaterlist add (name) Adds the entered player to the list of recognized cheaters. Use with caution since only an Administator can delete players from the list!
!switch (player) Switches the player who's name had been entered at (player) into the other team.
!balance Balances the teams automatically. The players to be switched will be chosen randomly (at least I hope they will be).

Re: Servercommands for GerCry-24/7

Posted: Sat 30. Oct 2010, 14:46
by mandariene
Update 30.10.2010:

-Liste erstellt (hat Stunden gedauert das Ding zu formatieren...)
-Formatierung angepasst (phpBB unterstützt ja leider keine HTML- oder CSS-Tags... :roll: )
-Farben eingefügt
-Texte grammatikalisch korrigiert
-Rechtschreibfehler korrigiert (sollte nun fast alles stimmen)
-Kleinere Anpassungen im Text und am Layout vorgenommen


-Thema muss angepinnt werden(!!!)
-Legende für die Farben (kommt morgen)
-Der Befehl "!vote restart" sollte integriert werden. Abstimmung muss prozentual der TEILNEHMER der Abstimmung (nicht der Gesamtanzahl der Spieler) erfolgen, da sonst bei genügend Trott... ...Nomads und ohne Admin kein Neustart möglich ist (minimale Abstimmerzahl für einen erfolgreichen Neustart sollten drei Spieler mit "ja" sein!).

Re: Servercommands for GerCry-24/7

Posted: Sun 31. Oct 2010, 14:46
by mandariene
Update 31.10.2010:

-Grammatik und Rechtschreibung korrigiert -noch nicht abgeschlossen! (Aus dem Script-Gewusel welches AMD mal gepostet hat schlau zu werden ist auch 'ne Kunst...)
-Fehlende Befehle eingefügt -noch nicht abgeschlossen!

Danke für's Festnageln, Corsa. Dann muss ich nicht ständig pushen... :mrgreen:

P.S.: Happy Halloween!!! :lol:

Re: Servercommands for GerCry-24/7

Posted: Tue 28. Jun 2011, 20:35
by mandariene
Update 28.06.2011:

-Neue Befehle hinzugefügt und noch nicht vorhandene eingetragen (unfertig)
-alte oder falsche Befehle korrigiert oder gelöscht

Re: Servercommands for GerCry-24/7

Posted: Thu 21. Jul 2011, 01:20
by mandariene
Update 21.07.2011:

-kleinere Anpassungen, sprachliche Korrekturen und Überarbeitungen
-der Befehl !balance wurde hinzugefügt

Re: Servercommands for GerCry-24/7

Posted: Mon 11. Jun 2012, 23:54
by mandariene
Falls mir jemand die neuen Befehle der letzten zwölf Monate mit Beschreibung bis einschließlich Mittwoch zuschickt, kann ich die Liste während meines Fluges am Mittwoch/Donnerstag aktualisieren und am Donnerstag hochladen.

Re: Servercommands for GerCry-24/7

Posted: Wed 13. Jun 2012, 09:05
by AMD
Folgende Änderungen:

!bigsmoke ist nur noch !smoke
!hq wurde entfernt
!vote wurde entfernt
!race und !raceportal wurde entfernt
!banid wurde hinzügefügt (Admin/Mod)
!permban wurde hinzugefügt (Admin/Mod)
!permbanid wird zeitnah hinzugefügt (kann also schon rein) (Admin/Mod)
!cheateradd wurde entfernt

!profile fehlt in der Liste - zeigt dem User die ProfileID
!casino - Player kann einen Geldbetrag gewinnen/aber auch verlieren
!save - Aktuelle Position speichern
!load - Position laden
!gate - Erste Eingabe letzt Position 1 fest, 2. Eingabe von !gate öffnet ein Portal, wo alle Player durchlaufen können und zwischen Position 1 und 2 teleportiert werden
!protectproto - verschließt die Proto für 1min
!bomb - plaziert eine Bombe im Fahrzeug, neben dem man stehen muss. Steigt ein Gegner ein, explodiert das Fahrzeug
!channel - zeigt die Channel ID aller Spieler an (Mod/Admin)
!lockteam - Player kann das Team nicht mehr wechseln (Admin/Mod)

Das sollte es erstmal sein...