How to fix the wrong map coordinates

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How to fix the wrong map coordinates

Postby DieAerzte94 » Mon 24. Jul 2017, 00:18

How to fix the wrongly displayed map coordinates in the patched version of Crysis:

  • Download the file ZZHud.pak
  • Move the file to YourInstallPath\Crysis\Game\
  • Add the following line to the file YourInstallPath\Crysis\autoexec.cfg
    Code: Select all
    log_verbosity 0


The file ZZHud.pak simply replaces the patched version of Crysis\Game\Libs\UI\HUD_PDA_Map.gfx with the unpatched one. The variable log_verbosity should be set to 0, to hide a few periodic console error messages caused by this change. I'm using this workaround for almost 2 years now and didn't notice any problems. Of course you won't be kicked from our servers for using it.
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