How to play Crysis Wars with no mods

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How to play Crysis Wars with no mods

Post by barbos » Wed 9. Dec 2015, 07:10

There is a way to play Crysis Wars in the same way as it worked before (when gamespy was alive) - with usual server list.

You don't need to install any kind of mods or other software. All what you need is to redirect gamespy dns names to Qtracker gamespy emulator.

You can do it with one of the following ways:
1) change your system primary dns server to:

2) or just edit your hosts file by adding the following lines to the end:
That's all what you need in order to play Crysis Wars again :)
You will be able to see server list in the same way as it worked when gamespy was alive.
Also you can start your own dedicated servers and play some other games which is died with gamespy.

Have fun :)

PS: please share this instruction to other Crysis Wars players. We need to revive this game! :)

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