How to resolve screen freezing (LAG) in online video games

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How to resolve screen freezing (LAG) in online video games

Post by embak » Sat 19. Sep 2015, 17:49

Introduction: All know for problem when you watching Full HD video on Youtube after some seconds screen freeze and online flash video begin "buffering"
Many people think: "–That is because my internet is slow" but that is NOT TRUE :!:
Personally I have gigabit internet – and always see same problem when watching High resolution videos.
Many people have fast computers with great videocards and play games on very high resolution, they say: -On single player all is fine, but when I play multiplayer my screen freeze sometimes same as full HD video on youtube. They think the same – that LAG are from my slow internet (because on singleplayer I no have LAG) but that is definitely NOT true :!:
because windows have limit for the speed of the live video , if you remove that limit – you can watch HD videos or play multiplayer games on very high settings without LAGS
Click on "START" then "All Programs" and "Accessories" and click on "Run" and on run field type: regedit and click OK
Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Multimedia\SystemProfile and find NetworkThrottlingIndex (default: 10 hex, recommended: 10 hex for media sharing. Put ffffffff for gaming and max throughput). And finally REBOOT your computer :idea:
Reportedly, disabling throttling by using ffffffff can also help reduce ping spikes in all online games.

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