How to speed up your computer

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How to speed up your computer

Post by embak » Sat 19. Sep 2015, 16:58

Introduction: As many people know Crysis and Crysis Wars games are NOT well optimized to work with new hardware (computers) and some new and powerful computers give low FPS in Crysis.

Click on "START" then "All Programs" and "Accessories" and click on "Run" and on run field type: msconfig and click OK
That will open System Configuration menu (see picture), click on Boot and then on Advanced options
That will open BOOT Advanced Options menu (see picture), mark Maximum memory: and under him in small window type your computer maximum memory and click "OK" (that will close BOOT menu)
Then click on Apply and finally click OK (finally if you wish reboot your computer) and see :arrow:
:idea: now your computer will boot and run faster

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