Crysis crackling sound problem

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Crysis crackling sound problem

Post by embak » Fri 18. Sep 2015, 20:54

If you got laggy sound and crackling noises all the time and sound-drivers are up to date but problems continuous you are on right place. Carefully read that instruction:

First try to make a "system.cfg" file and place it in the Crysis folder. Open notepad and add this:

sys_budget_sysmem = 2048
--- sound ---
sys_budget_soundchannels = 32
s_SpeakerConfig = 0
s_FormatSampleRate = 48000
s_FormatType = 3
------ END here ----

sys_budget_sysmem = 2048 <- this number has to be the amount of RAM on your PC
sys_budget_soundchannels = 32 <- this one made the big difference for me. Keep it on 32
s_SpeakerConfig = 0 <- this tells Crysis to use windows speaker setup. Keep it at "0"
s_FormatSampleRate = 48000 <- this is the Hz of the sounds, can be changed to 44100 if needed.
s_FormatType = 3 <- this is the type of codec format for the sounds, leave it at 3

:arrow: How to make a system.cfg file :?:

This file doesn't exist by default, so you need to create it by going to your Crysis folder

Normal (Windows 32 bit): C:\Program Files\Crytek\Crysis
Normal (Windows 64 bit): C:\Program Files (x86)\Crytek\Crysis
Steam (Windows 32 bit): C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Crysis
Steam (Windows 64 bit): C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Crysis
Origin (Windows 32 bit): C:\Program Files\Origin Games\Crysis
Origin (Windows 64 bit): C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Crysis

(or the place where you choose to install Crysis)
Right-clicking on an empty spot and selecting 'New>Text Document'
Then rename this .txt file to System.cfg (not to System.cfg.txt)

By default Crysis looks for the presence of this file each time it starts, and if the file exists and contains valid commands, they will be automatically executed as the game loads up.
As such, this file is the perfect place to store most of the commands you wish to apply to Crysis at startup, particularly low-level engine commands ...

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