Crysis console can't be opened with ~ key

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Crysis console can't be opened with ~ key

Postby keneti » Fri 18. Sep 2015, 07:47

I have Crysis and Crysis Wars games but on both I can't open in game console with pressing tilde key
I use Windows 7 64 bit
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Re: Crysis console can't be opened with ~ key

Postby embak » Fri 11. Mar 2016, 07:30

Русские читайте < < сюда > >

all is very easy:

1. go to Control Panel and then click on icon "System"
2. on left click on Device Manager and open him
3. search for text Human Interface Devices and expand him by clicking twice on text "Human Interface Devices"
4. search for text "Microsoft Home Infrared Transceiver" and when find click on it with right mouse button and choice "uninstall"

that is it – now console should to work ;)
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