Есть ли совесть у админа Fusi?


Есть ли совесть у админа Fusi?

Postby Greg007 » Fri 21. Sep 2018, 20:10

Do you have a conscience? I think not. Because when you change a command to a command at the speed of sound, it's hard to track. As a result, in the last game, you climbed the mountain Korean, and I was not afraid of shots from the other side, but then you abruptly became an American and began to shoot me in the back. Is that normal? Are you like a little kid? I specifically asked you why you're acting like a prostitute? Ours or yours? And lips inflated - banned me. Here is so you and dispersed the players with server - first behave, that no one understand you not can, of the staff, then still and Banite. So the game is further complicated. Forbidden to take equipment when an enemy is near, teleportation now with the big delay when attacking the enemy not to base back... Why all this nonsense? Who is the ideologist of these "improvements"? Who benefits it? The game should be interesting. You, however, do not prohibit walljump and circle jump, on "tankers" piled a bunch of restrictions, and use going against normal human mechanics (jumping) tricks. I understand, have of the staff many additional opportunities, but they should not go in harm the rest of the players. Otherwise, as there, was in team FusioN Korean, and then became a traitor and became to shoot suddenly you in the back. If you're an admin to behave humanly and with dignity, and not to ban players from 2007 that you ask the right questions. Why act like the navel of the earth? Your fault - so no ban is necessary, and to say sorry, i move to the alien team. What are you doing? Players with server you throw. Something like that.

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