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Re: Server Mod Updates - V2.4.21 [30.03.2018]

PostPosted: Sat 31. Mar 2018, 11:04
by doc
Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • !hit (name) now can also show the hit messages of other players (to moderators or higher)
  • !taxi/truck/tank/boat/portal now use effects
  • !taxi/truck/tank/boat/path/obj/eff/spawn/build/portal now snap the entities to the ground (if no height was given)
  • !count/mark now use the previous class, if no class was given (similar to !spawn/spawnr)
  • Replaced !build (building) (height) (mode) (team) with !build (building) (distance) (height) (mode) (team)
  • Replaced !portal (height) (prestige) with !portal (distance) (height) (prestige)
  • Various improvements

Re: Server Mod Updates - V2.4.25 [15.04.2018]

PostPosted: Sun 15. Apr 2018, 21:50
by doc
Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • ?(command) now also shows the allowed options for parameters (e.g. near/far/old/new/all, 0-100)
  • !count/mark now can also count/mark entities with a given model (e.g. !count barrel, !mark brary/architectu 12)
  • !spawns now can also show vehicles with a given substring (e.g. !spawns asian)
  • !spawn now can also add respawing entities (e.g. !spawn car mp red 120)
    Respawning entities keep the original rotation and stop respawning when removed
    As always, most parameters can be skipped (see ?spawn for details)
  • !spawn now can also add items with modifications (e.g. !spawn fy laser silencer scope)
  • !spawn now can also add vehicles with buyzones or spawnpoints
  • !spawn now stores the added entities in an own list (similar to !obj/path/maze/...)
    If an item is picked up or a vehicle is entered or an actor is killed, it gets removed from the list
    So !spawnr/clear do not remove entities, which are already in use (use !spawnr (class) instead)
    This also works with respawing entities
  • !spawnr (near/far/old/new/all) now only applies to the added entities (to avoid unintended removals)
  • !spawnr (class) (near/far/all) applies to all entities (as before)
  • !clear now also removes added entities
  • Bought Cars now have random colors
  • Changed a few objects, items and vehicles on Mesa and Beach
  • Changed the following prices:
    Scar: 175 => 150
    Gauss: 2000 => 1200
    Incendiary attachment: 250 => 50
    Incendiary ammo: 125 => 50
    Trolley: 50 => 25
    Gauss Vehicle: 100 => 200
    MOAC Vehicle: 400 => 250
    MOAR Vehicle: 500 => 300
    MOAR Hovercraft: 600 => 350
    Spawn Truck: 100 => 200
    Spawn Boat: 100 => 200
    Speed Boat: 25 => 0
    Helicopter: 450 => 400

Re: Server Mod Updates - V2.4.34 [30.04.2018]

PostPosted: Mon 30. Apr 2018, 12:35
by doc
Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • !/? (parameters) now re-execute your previous command, but with different parameters (e.g. "!tp e4", "! 10 40" => "!tp 10 40")
  • ?(command) now also shows the types of parameters (boolean/float/integer/string/enum)
  • !commands/maps/players/members (text) now can also show elements with a given substring (e.g. "!maps aim")
  • !buys now shows the required instead of the consumed energy (e.g. the Tac Tank consumes 10%, but requires 100%)
  • Vehicles and turrets now are harder to repair while being attacked
  • Players now get a bit more damage by claymores
  • The Gauss now can be used outside the map again, but is only a bit more powerful than the DSG1 in this area (so it isn't useless)
  • The RPG and C4 now can hurt players again, but only cause little damage (so it doesn't feel like godmode)
  • The Vtol can ram Helicopters again, but only causes little damage (so it doesn't feel like godmode)
  • The Police Car, Auto Anti-Air, Moac Boat, Moar Boat, Gauss Hovercraft and Gauss Helicopter now can be bought in factories
  • The Spawn Car cannot be bought in factories anymore (two land spawn vehicles should be enough and trucks aren't useless anymore)
  • Changed/Added a few vehicle mods (see !spawns for details)
  • Changed the following prices:
    Rifle Grenade: 50 => 20
    Frag Grenade: 50 => 25
    Anti-Air: 300 => 250
    Heavy APC: 300 => 350
    Spawn APC: 350 => 400
    Moac Tank: 300 => 500
    Tac Tank: 2500 => 1500
    Vtol: 1400 => 1200
    Gauss Vtol: 1500 => 1400
    Moac Vtol: 1400 => 1600
    Moar Vtol: 3500 => 1800
    Hell Vtol: 4000 => 2000
    Tac Vtol: 8000 => 4000
    Sing Vtol: 7000 => 5000

Re: Server Mod Updates - V2.4.39 [13.05.2018]

PostPosted: Tue 15. May 2018, 13:26
by doc
Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • !stadium now rewards all participants on the end of each round
  • The bank bonus now is 200-1000 instead of 0-1500 prestige per online hour (to increase the fairness)
  • The bank bonus now depends on your bank level instead of your bank savings (to reward you for spending time instead for being rich)
  • Players now get the same prestige for destroying spawned vehicles as for destroying bought vehicles
  • Players now get individual prestige for killing a Player/Grunt/Alien/Scout/Hunter
  • Players now don't lose prestige anymore when trying to buy items, they already spawned with
  • Premium players now spawn with an FY71 instead of SMG and FY71 in PS matches (to increase the fairness)
  • Buying nuclear ammunition doesn't consume alien energy anymore
  • Turrets now again shoot on nuclear projectiles
  • Rebalanced the damage resistance of Anti-Air, APC, Tank, Heli and Vtol (taking more care of damage zones and weak spots)
    APC and Tank cannot survive dozens of rockets sometimes anymore
  • Changed a few message types (e.g. spam messages)
  • Changed a few items on Mesa, Beach and Steelmill
  • Minor performance gains

Re: Server Mod Updates - V2.4.43 [30.06.2018]

PostPosted: Sat 30. Jun 2018, 15:18
by doc
Changes during the last 1 week:

  • !spot (name) - ALL
    Spot an enemy in PS matches (using the nuke symbol)
    The symbol stays for 30 seconds or until the target dies
    The target can see that he/she was spotted, but not who spotted them
    A team can only spot one enemy every 12 minutes
  • !hunt (name) - ALL
    Hunt an enemy in PS matches (using a bounty of 500 PP)
    The bounty stays for 5 minutes or until the target was killed
    If the target was killed, the shooter gets the bounty, otherwise the bounty is lost without refund
    Only your team can see that the targed is hunted, so the target won't hide all the time
    A team can only hunt one enemy every 15 minutes
  • !(option) now can be used as a shortcut for !vote (option) in votings (e.g. !industrial_v2 in map votings)
    These dynamic shortcuts only exist during the voting
    If !(option) is already used by a real command, you have to use !vote (option) instead
    !yes/no now are also just shortcuts for !vote yes/no
  • Minor improvements

Re: Server Mod Updates

PostPosted: Tue 28. Aug 2018, 23:39
by doc
I've been a bit busy lately, but I hope to continue this project in a few weeks.

Re: Server Mod Updates - V2.4.53 [30.10.2018]

PostPosted: Wed 31. Oct 2018, 13:49
by doc
Changes during the last 4 weeks:

  • !reportr (id) - MODERATORS
    Replaces !reports (id)
  • Replaced ?(command) with !(command) ?/help (e.g. !maps ?, !path help)
    It's a bit longer, but more similar to console commands and thus more intuitive
  • Improved the formatting of !commands/maps/buys/members
  • !commands now also shows the required alien energy of commands (just in case)
  • !buys now also shows the group of equipment (for easier searching)
  • !logout now resets !gun (since the selected modes or values might be locked now)
  • !gun Physicalize now can be used by all groups
  • !gun Physicalize Shoot now can only be used by admins (similar to !gun Push)
  • !gun Show Normal now can also show the angles of the normal vector of a surface
  • !dir and !gun Rotate now call the axes right/forward/up instead of x/y/z (it's more intuitive)
  • !reports now can skip a given number of results (similar to !bans/objs/effs/...)
  • !reports/bans (text) now can also show entries with a given text (similar to !commands/maps/buys/members/...)
  • Renamed !unban to !banr (since this is the usual naming convention)
  • !banr now can also be used by moderators
    However, bans can only be removed by members of the same group or higher
    (e.g. moderators cannot remove admin bans)
  • Various improvements

Re: Server Mod Updates - V2.4.59 [29.11.2018]

PostPosted: Fri 30. Nov 2018, 01:10
by doc
Changes during the last 4 weeks:

  • !cha now also shows the objective of a challenge
  • Replaced !level (difficulty) (size) with !level (size) (difficulty) (it's more similar to !maze)
  • !eff now uses angles instead of direction vectors for rotated effects (it's more intuitive)
  • Console messages do not get wrapped within words anymore if possible
    So wrapped messages now are easier to read
  • Cleaned up a few object sets
  • Various improvements

Re: Server Mod Updates - V2.4.69 [31.03.2019]

PostPosted: Sun 31. Mar 2019, 20:58
by doc
Changes during the last 4 weeks:

  • !airstrike now is more accurate (using polygons instead of circles)
  • !save/tank cannot be used near enemy bases anymore (to reduce base rapes)
  • Various improvements
  • Major performance gains

Re: Server Mod Updates - V2.4.77 [15.04.2019]

PostPosted: Tue 16. Apr 2019, 00:35
by doc
Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • !chas/cha now can also show/enter/leave challenges with a given substring (e.g. !cha tadiu)
  • !chas now shows the size of each axis of mazes instead of the total size
  • !cha now brings entering spectators to the challenge's spectator location
  • !cha now brings leaving spectators to a default spectator location
  • !arena/level/maze/stadium now create own spectator locations near their starting areas (so players can spectate easier and get more aware of available challenges)
  • !arena/stadium now also show fireworks on the end of each round (similar to !level/maze)
  • !arena now awards the first player who reaches 10 kills and restarts (similar to !stadium)
  • !arena now correctly handles teamkills
  • !stadium now awards 250 instead of 100 prestige on the end of each round
  • !stadium now only awards the players of the winning team (to encourage team play)
  • !level/maze now let players watch the final fireworks, before they have to leave the challenge
  • !level/maze now also show the final fireworks when players repeat a level/maze (so repeating levels/mazes feels less punishing)
  • !level/maze now award a more appropriate amount of prestige in certain cases
  • !maze now uses the modes 1-10 instead of 1-3 (similar to !level)
    A higher mode now means more fences instead of walls as inner barriers (so the maze becomes more confusing)
    Outer barriers now are always fences (so players can always spectate)
  • !match now also tells other players the available equipment
  • Shattering frozen NPCs now also counts as kill (similar to shattering frozen players)
  • Headshots now give 50 instead of 75 additional prestige (similar to default servers)
  • Adjusted the jail locations on the default maps
  • Adjusted the wall locations in arenas
  • Various improvements