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Re: Script Updates - V2.3.13 [13.06.2017]

PostPosted: Wed 14. Jun 2017, 19:20
by doc
Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • Commands now can be written across multiple chat lines
    Write "+" as last parameter, to continue a command in the next line (e.g. "!say This +", "is a +", "sentence." => "This is a sentence.")
    Write "+" as only parameter, to abort a started command (e.g. "say This +", "is a +", "+" => aborted)
    Commands triggered via buy-command work the same way (e.g. "buy !say#This#+", "buy is#a#+", "buy sentence." => "This is a sentence.")
  • !arena and !stadium cannot be used near factories, headquarters, power plants, spawn points and turrets anymore
  • Removed !inside
    Use !cha to enter and leave challenges
  • !path now can handle all kinds of pitch (up/down), roll (spirals) and yaw (left/right) curves (even combined)
    Until now, !path could only handle pitch (up/down) curves
    For adding simple wooden ways, use the short version "!path length distance height scale angle" (e.g. "!path 20", "!path 20 0 0 3 30")
    Else use the long version "!path object distance height scale rotation gap angle0 length1 angle1 length2 angle2 ...", e.g.:
    "!path 6074 0 0 1 90 -0.6 3,30,0 180 3,30,1080" adds a vertical spiral (image 1)
    "!path 6074 0 0 1 90 -0.5 0 160 2880,0,360" adds a sphere (image 2)
    "!path barrel 0 0 1 90 -0.2 0 108 1080,0,1080" adds a horizontal wave (image 3)
    "!path barrel 0 0 1 (90 / 0,90 / 0,0,90) 0 0 10 90" adds a vertical curve (image 4)
    "!path 4125 0 0 1 0,0,45 0 90 15 0 15 0,0,90 15 0,90,90" adds a curved way (image 5)
    Angles/Rotations use the syntax "pitch,roll,yaw", but later axes can be skipped (e.g. "90,45,-180", "0.1,-10.75", "20")
    So if you only want to add up/down-curves as before, the syntax remains the same
  • !path now can use any object in any rotation with any gap between each part
  • Already spawned paths now can be shifted, rotated, scaled, physicalized, cloned and grouped like objects and use the same list
  • !path, !obj and !eff now can also use the first object or effect, that matches the given characters (similar to !gun, e.g. "!obj brary/architectu", "!eff ehmm")
  • All console messages now use automatic line breaks (respecting all kinds of $-patterns)
    Formatted tables even handle line breaks column-wise and automatically resize to fit into the screen
  • Members cannot reserve default names anymore
  • Replaced a few default names

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Re: Script Updates - V2.3.20 [12.07.2017]

PostPosted: Thu 13. Jul 2017, 12:18
by doc
Changes during the last 4 weeks:

  • !objdir and !gun Rotate now rotate objects around their local axes and avoid gimbal locks
  • !fly now instantly revives dead players, instead of first making them spectators
  • !mark (class) now only marks the nearest entity instead of all entities of a class
  • !mark (class) all now marks all entities of a class
  • Renamed !rank to !ranks
  • Renamed !unrank to !rank
  • Turret kills aren't shown as (null) anymore
  • Players cannot escape from Outpost through a terrain hole anymore
  • Players cannot glitch through walls by dropping large items at narrow locations anymore
  • Players now are only protected against collisions instead of all hits when leaving vehicles
  • Players now are also protected against collisions when leaving other vehicles than vtols and helicopters
  • Players now lose their AFK tag when killing other players (except mines and claymores)
  • Translated all old German changelogs to English (since July 2014)

Re: Script Updates - V2.3.23 [28.07.2017]

PostPosted: Tue 1. Aug 2017, 12:32
by doc
Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • !lock now gets disabled, when the vehicle is stolen by another player via the lockpick kit
  • !reset, !score and !fly now correctly affect the server's player preview in the server list
  • !gun Physicalize Snap now allows you to snap objects and effects to surfaces, so they use the same angle as the surface
    Select Place before adding objects/effects to spawn them upright
    Select Snap before adding objects/effects to spawn them snapped to surfaces
  • Merged !team and !lockteam to !team (name) (team) (minutes)
    If you do not enter a time, it only sets the team of the player without locking it (as before)
  • Trolleys now get removed after a while, when not being used anymore (similar to other vehicles)
  • Various improvements

Re: Script Updates - V2.3.26 [01.12.2017]

PostPosted: Fri 1. Dec 2017, 14:12
by doc
Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • !match now ignores players in challenges
  • !match now refills the player's ammunition when killing another player
  • !spawn and !spawnr now use the previous class if no class was given
  • Players now shouldn't die sometimes when falling into water anymore
  • Cleaned up a few weapon locations on Mesa and Beach
  • Various improvements

Re: Script Updates - V2.3.28 [12.12.2017]

PostPosted: Thu 14. Dec 2017, 12:03
by doc
Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • !build (building) (height) (mode) (team) - ADMINS
    Add a building
    Replaces !bunker
    Choose the building "bunker" or "energy" (I'll probably add factories later, too)
    Choose the mode "all" to use a larger version of the building (e.g. !build energy all)
    Choose a team to add an uncapturable team-building (e.g. !build bunker nk)
  • !buildr (mode) - ADMINS
    Remove a building
    Replaces !bunkerr
  • !build now can also add capturable alien energy points
    If you want the additional alien energy point to be displayed correctly in the UI, you have to re-enter the server (but it's just cosmetics)
  • !/? now re-execute your previous command (e.g. "!say OK", "!" => "!say OK"; "!path 10", "?" => "?path")
  • !gun Add now can also select specific objects of an object set (similar to all other folders)
  • !count and !mark now can also count or mark entities within a given radius (e.g. !count vtol 500, !mark 30)
  • !reboot, !restart, !next, !map, !kick, !ban, !permban and !unban now will be ignored by the automatic spell correction to avoid accidential usage

Re: Script Updates - V2.3.32 [12.01.2018]

PostPosted: Sun 14. Jan 2018, 00:12
by doc
Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • !gun Show now can also show the speed, team, archetype, mod, paint, abandon and respawn time of entities and the material of surfaces
  • !gun Show now applies to the nearest entity, no matter how far it is away
  • Vtols don't get damaged by collisions anymore, when the driver is protected (similar to all other vehicles)
  • Various improvements

Re: Script Updates - V2.4.1 [31.01.2018]

PostPosted: Wed 31. Jan 2018, 21:39
by doc
Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • !ranks now does not use weapon categories anymore
  • !load now uses the same delay and effects as !base
  • Times now are formatted as countdowns (e.g. 3.25 hours => 3:15:00)
  • Tons of improvements (finally done with refactoring)
  • Minor performance gains

Re: Script Updates - V2.4.7 [15.02.2018]

PostPosted: Thu 15. Feb 2018, 12:01
by doc
Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • !set/objset (mode) (name) - BUILDERS
    Save an object (e.g. !set test, !set near test)
    Use !gun Group to add or remove parts before saving it
    The object will be located under "sets/(name)" and can be used via !objs, !obj and !gun Add on all servers
    You can only save objects with 1-100 parts (including simple shortcuts for default objects)
    You can also save objects in subfolders (e.g. !set furniture/table/wooden)
    Saved objects can only be overwritten by members of the same group or higher (e.g. builders cannot overwrite moderator objects)
    To remove an existing object named "sets/(name)" without replacing it, write "!set (name)" when there are no spawned objects
  • !portal (height) (prestige) - ADMINS
    Add a portal
    Use !s or !save to set the target of the portal before adding it
    You can optionally set the required prestige for using the portal (0-250 PP, 25 PP by default)
    The command for teleporting to your base is called !base, not !portal anymore
  • !portalr (mode) - ADMINS
    Remove a portal
  • !objs, !effs, !bans and !logs now can skip a given number of results (similar to !log)
  • !objs now also shows the required group for replacing an object
  • !logs now also shows the size of logs
  • !clear now also removes portals (except the default ones)
  • Renamed !mods/paints to !spawns
  • You can now find collectible golden trophies on all PS maps (image 4)
    When a match starts, a trophy spawns at a random location in the fighting area (avoiding cliffs and bases)
    If you pick it up, you get 1000 PP and become a premium member until the end of the match
    Then a new trophy spawns at another random location
    So now everyone has a chance to become a premium member
    All you need is a good eye and a bit of luck
  • New portal design (using 67% less objects, with signs for all proto portals)
  • Added proto portals to Plantation
  • Joining moderators and admins now get notified about new reports
  • Empty servers now also automatically update to the latest Lua version

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Re: Script Updates - V2.4.12 [28.02.2018]

PostPosted: Wed 28. Feb 2018, 14:08
by doc
Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • !maps now also shows the frag limits of maps
  • !tp now can also teleport to the nearest entity with the given model (e.g. !tp barrel, !tp nomad brary/architectu)
  • Teams now slowly lose alien energy, when they do not own an alien energy point (instead of losing 25% at once)
    This makes it easier to reach 100% on maps with only 1-2 alien energy points
    The alien energy decreases much slower than it increases, so it shouldn't be a big deal
  • Trophies cannot spawn underwater anymore
  • Trophies cannot spawn in forbidden areas anymore (after a crash course in polygon math)
  • Trophies cannot spawn on maps with too small fighting areas anymore (e.g. Refinery & Plantation)
  • Various improvements
  • Major performance gains

Re: Script Updates - V2.4.16 [15.03.2018]

PostPosted: Thu 15. Mar 2018, 23:21
by doc
Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • !pos/dir/sca/phy/set/objr/pathr/arenar/levelr/mazer/stadiumr/buildr/portalr/spawnr far now can also use the farthest element
  • !tp class/model far now can also teleport to the farthest entity of the given class/model
  • Renamed the modes first/last to old/new (shorter and more intuitive)
    So the new modes are near/far/old/new/all and use the nearest/farthest/oldest/newest/all element(s)
  • Players cannot take more than 10.000 PP to the next match anymore (use !import to save prestige permanently)
  • Maps now can have multiple trophies at the same time depending on the size of their fighting area
    (1 trophy per 80.000 m², e.g. Mesa 3, Beach 2, Shore 1, Refinery/Plantation 0)
    So the difficulty of finding a trophy doesn't depend on the map anymore
  • Various improvements
  • Major performance gains