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Re: Script Updates - V2.2.6 [28.10.2016]

PostPosted: Sat 29. Oct 2016, 11:58
by doc
Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • !login/logout (password) - ALL
    Login/logout as a member
    Just in case
  • !reboot (mode) - ADMINS
    "!reboot" reboots the mod
    "!reboot all" reboots the server
    This is already a command for 2 years, just wanted to mention it
  • !mapvote and !gaussvote now can be used by all players
    After a voting there cannot be another voting of the same type for 15 minutes
  • Merged !amp and !members to !members (group)
    Offline members are shown in gray color
    "!members" shows only online members
    "!members (group)" shows all members of a group
    "!members all" shows all members
  • !member now sets members permanently (until you set another group for this player)
  • !member now can also set the alias of a member
  • !member now can also set members via their profile number (so you can also set offline members)
  • !member now can also be used by moderators
    Moderators can set premiums and lower
    Admins can set moderators and lower
    Managers can set admins and lower
    Use the groups "guest", "premium", "moderator" and "admin"
  • !obj and !cg now can spawn all editor prefabs
    For example furniture with decoration, buildings with interior, submarines, aircraft carriers and much more
    All prefabs can be shifted, rotated, scaled, physicalized and cloned like object groups
    Prefabs also respect archetype entity objects
  • New member system
  • New XML parser
  • Various improvements

Re: Script Updates - V2.2.15 [13.11.2016]

PostPosted: Sun 13. Nov 2016, 19:15
by doc
Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • !itemvote (item) - ALL
    Start a voting to lock/unlock an item
    Replaces !gaussvote
  • !hits now always shows the body part of a hit, not just for headshots
  • !time now can also be used by moderators
  • "!capture" now affects the nearest building instead of all buildings
  • "!capture all" now affects all buildings
  • !spawn now can also spawn scaled entities
  • Removed !gs and !gsr (use !spawn instead)
  • Admins now can see the path of random objects and effects in their consoles (!obj/eff 0)
  • !objs now also shows matching prefabs and sets
  • !obj now can also spawn prefabs and sets via index or name
  • !cg now can also set mode and value via substrings (!e.g. "!cg phy", "!cg otat", "!cg add brary/archi")
  • !cg Add now can browse all objects, prefabs and sets via their folder structure (like a file explorer)
    Press Ctrl+Q/E to cycle through a folder's elements
    Press T to switch to a parent folder
    Press Ctrl+T to switch to a child folder
  • !cg Group now can group/ungroup objects (like in the editor)
    This way you can convert objects to object groups and back
    Shoot at objects/object groups while standing to select/deselect them
    Shoot at a position while crouched to group the currently selected objects/object groups using this position as reference point
    Shoot at object groups while crouched to ungroup one object (the one you hit, the others remain grouped)
    Shoot at object groups while lying to ungroup all objects
  • Players now cannot spectate or change the team for 15 seconds after they got hit by an enemy
  • There are no more automatic Gauss votes (use "!itemvote gauss" instead)
  • Improved spawn system
    Prefabs now are spawned from the largest to the smallest object
    Prefabs now can also be modified before all parts are spawned

Re: Script Updates - V2.2.22 [30.11.2016]

PostPosted: Wed 30. Nov 2016, 14:19
by doc
Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • !giver (name) (items) - ADMINS
    Remove the given items of a player
    Replaces !civil
  • Renamed !cg to !gun
  • !gun Add now can also select objects via index, similar to !obj (e.g. !gun add 32)
  • !gun, !obj, !path, !level, !maze and their related commands now can also be used by builders
  • !tod now can also be used by moderators
  • !say now also shows the message in chat and console
  • Merged !tp, !to, !me, !fw and !up to a single command called !tp, which can handle the following tasks:
    !tp (name) (forward) (up)
    !tp (name) (player)
    !tp (name) (class)
    !tp (name) (minimap coordinates)
    !tp (name) (map coordinates)
    If you skip the name, it teleports you
    If you skip the target, it teleports to the ground (as !up did before)
    If the target is a vehicle or a player inside a vehicle, it teleports into the vehicle
    If the player to be teleported is inside a vehicle, it teleports the vehicle with all passengers
  • !logs now can also show logs with a given text in their names
  • !log now marks the search term in the results
  • !log now can skip a given number of results
  • !reboot now resets all additional entities
  • Improved additional vehicles on Mesa and Beach
  • Changed the stadium floor, ceiling and ball
  • Players now have infinite energy inside the stadium
  • Added a new member group called "Builder", which is higher than "Premium" but lower than "Moderator"
    This way you can unlock building commands without unlocking other admin and moderator commands
    Admins and moderators can set builders via !member

Re: Script Updates - V2.2.25 [11.01.2017]

PostPosted: Fri 13. Jan 2017, 14:22
by doc
Changes during the last 4 weeks:

  • !mapvote and !itemvote now require at least 2 votes for the winner
  • !mapvote now randomly chooses one of the winners, if there are multiple ones
  • !itemvote cannot lock nukes anymore
  • !itemvote now resets the locked items when the server is empty
  • !x (value) now sets the previous console variable
  • !gun now allows you to enter forbidden areas
  • !gun Move now uses the modes To/Right/Forward/Up instead of Jump/Pull/Push/Burst
    Ctrl+Shoot inverts the direction
  • !gun Add now can also spawn random objects/prefabs from any selected folder
  • You can now buy speedboats and spawnboats in naval factories

Re: Script Updates - V2.2.32 [30.01.2017]

PostPosted: Mon 30. Jan 2017, 14:54
by doc
Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • !clone - ALL
    Clone yourself to set a trap
    The clone stays for 5 minutes (or until it was killed)
    If you kill a clone, you get a hint instead of a reward
  • !buys (group) - ALL
    Show the purchasable equipment
    Use the groups "weapon", "ammo", "equip", "vehicle" or "proto" to reduce the output
  • !fps - ADMINS
    Show the server's current frames per second
  • !commands now also shows the required prestige
  • New stadium design (using invisible walls and 75% less objects)
    The new shape makes it easier to control the ball with vehicles
  • Spectator points now aren't selected randomly anymore (with tons of repetitions), but in a certain order
  • When you enter a building, the equipment list now also shows the required alien energy
  • Improved region detection
  • Improved cheat detection

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Re: Script Updates - V2.2.38 [11.02.2017]

PostPosted: Tue 14. Feb 2017, 17:18
by doc
Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • !mods/paints (class) - ADMINS
    Show the available modifications and paints for a given vehicle (or for all vehicles, if no class is given)
  • !mapvote now increases the remaining time of the current match by 30 minutes, if the current map wins the voting
    So you can also use !mapvote to vote for more time
  • Replaced !obj (object) (distance) (height) (scale) (mass) (amount) with !obj (object) (distance) (height) (scale) (mass) (right) (forward) (up) (gap)
    So you can now specify the number of objects per axis and the gap between each object, when spawning an object group
    As always, you can use ?(command) to lookup parameters and most of them can be skipped
    For example, to spawn a large wall, write: !obj (anywall) 3 0 1 . 8 1 3
  • Increased the auto-destroy time of all default vehicles to 60 seconds
  • Fixed bugged Asian_ltv on Mesa, Beach and Refinery

Re: Script Updates - V2.2.41 [13.03.2017]

PostPosted: Wed 15. Mar 2017, 00:32
by doc
Changes during the last 4 weeks:

  • !team and !fly now can also move dead players to spectator mode
  • Improved dozens of prefabs (during the last 3 months)
  • Improved prefab folder structure
  • Dead players now automatically become spectators, when they do not revive within 5 minutes

Re: Script Updates - V2.2.44 [15.04.2017]

PostPosted: Sat 15. Apr 2017, 15:39
by doc
Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • !gun Add Effects now can place or shoot any temporary effect (similar to !eff)
    Use !gun Physicalize to switch between place and shoot mode
    Use !gun Scale to scale effects
    If you select a folder, it uses a random effect from this folder and shows its name in your console (similar to !gun Add Objects/Prefabs/Sets)
  • !gun Show now can show the following information:
    model, class, position, direction, scale, mass, center and size of an entity
    position and distance of a hit
  • A few !gun modes now can only be seen and used by certain member groups:
    Guests: Attack, Add, Remove, Group, Clone, Shift, Rotate, Scale
    Builders: Physicalize
    Admins: Teleport, Push, Add Effects, Show
  • !buys now can also show purchasable items with a given name (e.g. !buys moar, !buys vtol, !buys grena)

Re: Script Updates - V2.3.3 [30.04.2017]

PostPosted: Mon 1. May 2017, 13:45
by doc
Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • !register - ALL
    Get a permanent account
    You can now create your own permanent account in-game
    Just type "!register" and write down your new username and password for the multiplayer login
    The permanent account will be usable in a few days (after the next master server restart)
  • !snow - ALL
    Let it snow for a few seconds
  • !(findoutyourself) - ALL
    Unleash your mighty hax0r skills
    A hidden fun command that can be triggered by 5 different command names
  • !stadium now resets the ball when a team scores a goal
  • !stadium now resets the score and announces a winner when a team scores 10 goals
  • !mortar now also damages armored vehicles
  • reduced the maximum rewards for !level and !maze to 10.000 PP
  • !gun now also disables explosive weapons, unless Attack is selected
  • !gun Show Health now can show the health of creatures, vehicles, turrets and headquarters
  • !gun (mode) (value) now doesn't reset the other modes anymore
  • Buying nuclear ammunition now also consumes alien energy
  • Various improvements

Re: Script Updates - V2.3.6 [16.05.2017]

PostPosted: Tue 16. May 2017, 23:07
by doc
Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • !arenar (first/last/near/all) - BUILDERS
    Remove an arena
  • !stadiumr (first/last/near/all) - BUILDERS
    Remove a stadium
  • !arena (items) now adds an arena instead of entering it
    You can optionally set the available equipment, similar to !match (e.g. !arena pistol shotgun c4, !arena gauss tac)
  • !stadium now adds a stadium instead of entering it
  • !clear now also removes arenas and stadiums
  • !cha (type) now can also bring players to the newest challenge of the given type (e.g. !cha maze, !cha arena)
  • !pm now can also send multiple messages to the same player
    !pm (name) (message) sends a single message
    !pm (name) starts a conversation
    !pm stops a conversation
  • !give and !spawn now also mark spawned nukes with the nuke-symbol (similar to buying them)
  • New arena design (using invisible walls and places to take cover)
  • You can now kill team mates inside arenas
  • You can now refill your ammunition inside arenas by killing players
  • Arenas and stadiums now are challenges
    They can now be added multiple times and on any map
    Use !chas to see available challenges and !cha (id/type) to enter them (similar to !level and !maze)
  • Players in different challenges (or one outside, one inside) cannot hurt each other anymore
  • Players in challenges in forbidden areas now will be teleported back inside, when their challenge is removed
  • Spawn vehicles now get locked automatically when you enter them the first time

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