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Re: Script Updates - V2.1.39 [11.02.2016]

PostPosted: Thu 11. Feb 2016, 19:43
by doc
Changes during the last 4 weeks:

  • !behind now teleports the player into the target's vehicle
  • Vehicles can't be damaged anymore, if the driver is protected
  • Players can't abuse and survive the parachute bug by landing on slopes anymore
  • Improved cheat detection
  • Various improvements

Re: Script Updates - V2.1.47 [28.02.2016]

PostPosted: Sun 28. Feb 2016, 15:39
by doc
Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • !report (name) (reason) - ALL
    Report a player to the admins
  • !reports (id) - MODERATORS
    Show all reports
    Remove a report (!reports all removes all reports)
  • !commands now doesn't show all commands at once anymore, instead you can specify a certain group (e.g. !commands admin)
  • with !commands all admins can see all commands at once, including hidden commands like !yes or !no
  • with ?(command) you can now see detailled information for a specific command, like required parameters, cooldown time and so on (e.g. ?mortar)
  • !rank now also shows the kdr, deaths and play time of a player
  • !rank now also uses a point system as default sort criterion
  • you can also use any other column of !rank as sort criterion (e.g. !rank name, !rank ratio, !rank kills, !rank deaths)
  • you can also invert the order of !rank by using the prefix "-" (e.g. !rank -deaths)
  • with !rank (order) all you can see the kills in each weapon category
  • !group now supports any object you want (simply use the syntax of !obj)
  • !group now avoids unnecessary collisions
  • !group now calculates a plausible weight for each object
  • !cheats now toggles the cheat detection instead of disabling it for a certain time
  • Replaced !admin, !mod and !premium with !member (name) (group)
  • Renamed !admins to !members
  • Removed !lockbunker
  • In IA, Gauss ammo now gets replaced with DSG1 ammo
  • Players now can buy equipment outside of buildings during happyhours
  • Players now loose their equipment, when they enter a challenge

Re: Script Updates - V2.1.55 [12.03.2016]

PostPosted: Sat 12. Mar 2016, 16:23
by doc
Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • !effects (text) - ADMINS
    Show up to 100 effects that match the given text
  • !effect (effect) (distance) (height) (scale) (right) (forward) (up) - ADMINS
    Spawn a permanent or temporary effect via name or index
    Use !effect 0 to spawn random temporary effects
  • !mark (class) - ADMINS
    Highlight or hide the positions of all entities of a given class
  • !maps now shows unscheduled current and next maps in gray color
  • !to now can also teleport the player to the nearest entity of a class (e.g. !to GravitySphere)
  • !obj now can scale objects directly (without using !objsca)
  • !obj now can spawn up to 100 instances of the requested object at once (like !group did before)
    Object groups now can be shifted, rotated, scaled, physicalized, moved and cloned like single objects
  • Renamed !bring to !me
  • Renamed !behind to !to
  • Renamed !objlist to !objects
  • Removed !para
  • Removed !group
  • Removed !groupr
  • When the server crashes, the previous match now gets restored completely, including:
    Mode, map, next mode, next map, state, time, time of day, time of day speed,
    Alien energy, headquarter health, captured buildings,
    Kills, deaths, headshots, prestige points, credit points
  • Players' parachutes now get fixed directly while falling down (so no more parachute deaths)
  • Dead NPCs now get removed automatically after a while
  • Any movable object now starts to move directly after spawning
  • Empty servers now automatically update to the latest C++ version

Re: Script Updates - V2.1.61 [30.04.2016]

PostPosted: Sun 1. May 2016, 10:40
by doc
Changes during the last 4 weeks:

  • !fly - ADMINS
    Switch between spectator and in-game mode at any position, without having to use respawn locations
  • !jump can't be used with nukes anymore
  • !eff now supports any direction
  • !spawn, !obj and !eff now support any height
  • !objects and !effects now can also show an object or effect with a given index (e.g. !objects 10001)
  • !objects and !effects now can also show all objects or effects within a given index range (e.g. !effects 100 130)
  • renamed !rc to !ra
  • Increased the maximum view distance on Refinery
  • After a kill, both players now can see how many times they killed each other
  • Players now get notified less often when their base is getting attacked
  • In IA, players now avoid respawn locations near enemies

Re: Script Updates - V2.1.68 [26.05.2016]

PostPosted: Thu 26. May 2016, 14:37
by doc
Changes during the last 4 weeks:

  • !sleep - ALL
    Take a nap
  • !pee - ALL
    Relieve yourself
  • !unrank - ALL
    Toggle the visibility of your ranked name (your stats won't be reset)
  • !tank can't be used on maps without war factories anymore (e.g. Plantation)
  • !x now shows the old and new value of a variable
  • !cg now works much more accurate
  • !cg now respects water surfaces
  • !cg now supports any weapon, ammo and fire mode, including mounted weapons
  • !cg now can also shoot moving objects
  • Removed !cgr
  • Replaced !bank import/export with !import and !export
  • You can now trigger any chat command via buy command
    To pass arguments, replace spaces with "#" (e.g. buy spawn#vtol#hellfire)
  • The pre-game state now will be skipped on empty servers, too
  • The time of the current match now will be reset when the first player joins
  • Removed a few additional objects on Mesa and Steelmill

Re: Script Updates - V2.1.71 [01.07.2016]

PostPosted: Fri 1. Jul 2016, 11:38
by doc
Changes during the last 4 weeks:

  • You can now optionally tell !fly, which team you want to get revived in
  • Helicopters don't require a minimum rank anymore
  • Vtols now require the rank LT (4th rank) instead of CPT (5th rank)
  • Mapvotings now only require 25% instead of 33% of the player voices
  • Players with occasional short ping spikes above the limit won't be kicked anymore
  • Jailed players can't hurt or freeze other players or damage vehicles anymore
  • Added a few boats on Beach and Shore

Re: Script Updates - V2.1.74 [14.07.2016]

PostPosted: Thu 14. Jul 2016, 14:37
by doc
Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • !count (class) - ADMINS
    Count the number of entities of a given class (or all entities, if no class is given)
  • !punch now removes players from vehicles and turrets when a match starts
  • !punch now prevents players from using turrets
  • !punch now prevents players from picking up ammo or grenades and items won't disappear anymore when players try to pick them up
  • !punch now prevents players from dropping items
  • !punch now gives players their spawn equipment when the time is over
  • !jail now works on any map
  • !jail now brings players back to their spawn points when the time is over
  • !jail now gives players their spawn equipment when the time is over
  • Buy-commands aren't case-sensitive anymore (e.g. buy sPawNcAR now works, too)
  • Improved cheat detection
  • Improved ladder bug detection

Re: Script Updates - V2.1.80 [12.08.2016]

PostPosted: Sat 13. Aug 2016, 11:22
by doc
Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • Vehicles spawned via !taxi, !truck, !tank or !boat now will be destroyed after a while, if noone enters
  • !commands now shows a command in gray color, if it does not support the current map or mode
  • !buy now allows using buy-commands via chat
  • !fw now teleports the player to the first obstacle, if no distance is given
  • !give moar now also gives the weapon, not just the attachment
  • !path now also works inside gravity spheres
  • !cg Add now can spawn scaled objects (using !cg Scale)
  • !cg Add now can place and shoot unmovable and movable objects (using !cg Physics)
  • !cg Add now can shoot any object, not just balls
  • !cg Move now also respects the movability and mass of an object
  • !cg Physics now toggles the movability of an object
  • !cg Move/Shift/Rotate/Scale/Physics/Remove now apply to the nearest object, no matter how far it's away
  • Frozen movable objects can't be destroyed anymore
  • Restored matches now also include the position in the level rotation
  • Restored matches will be skipped, if the remaining time is less than 10 minutes

Script Updates - V2.1.85 [01.10.2016]

PostPosted: Mon 3. Oct 2016, 01:06
by doc
Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • !match (items) - MODERATORS
    Toggle custom matches with the given items (e.g. !match fists sniperscope dsg1)
    Replaces !punch
  • !clock now can show the time and date for any time zone (e.g. !clock -5 means UTC-5:00, !clock 8.5 means UTC+8:30)
  • !cg Rotate and !objdir now can also rotate object groups around the X and Y axis
  • !cg Attack now allows you to use the default weapon without disabling the additional features
  • !give now can give multiple items at once (eg. !give nk lam pistol silencer smg law)
  • replaced "buy (command)" with "buy !/?(command)" (e.g. buy !spawn#vtol#hellfire, buy ?path)
  • Players now can see the default next map if a map voting fails
  • The immobile spectator mode is now skipped completely

Script Updates - V2.1.91 [10.10.2016]

PostPosted: Fri 14. Oct 2016, 15:46
by doc
Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • !capture/ct (group) (team) - MODERATORS
    Set the team of buildings
    Use the groups "bunker", "energy", "factory", "proto", "war", "naval" or "air"
    If no group is given, all buildings will be affected
    Replaces !bunkers
  • !spawnr (class) (mode) - ADMINS
    Remove an entity
    Replaces !rn and !ra
  • !commands now again shows all available commands if no group is given
    Use the groups "guest", "premium", "moderator" or "admin" to reduce the output
  • !tp now can also teleport players to minimap coordinates (e.g. !tp nomad c7)
  • !turrets now actually disables/enables turrets instead of destroying/repairing them
  • Freeze guns now have to hit targets for a little while, until they are frozen
  • Mounted freeze guns do not shatter frozen targets anymore
  • Automatic turrets now get disabled, when they hit a protected player
  • Improved additional objects on Mesa