Presentation Vendetta

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Presentation Vendetta

Post by Vendetta88 » Sun 6. Dec 2015, 16:46

First of all, I want to congratulate you for your great work in this community. thanks to people like you can follow the crysis up.

Do not know if this is the right place to presentation:

Mi name real is Martin Melon, I have many years playing crysis, and I've been an administrator and moderator on multiple servers. however I have one year without playing, but I would like to create a permanent profile if possible.

Desired name: Vendetta
pass "by private message"

Any questions I am here to answer!

Thank you
Muchas gracias, Thank you, Merci beaucoup, Vielen Dank, большое спасибо

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Re: Presentation Vendetta

Post by embak » Sun 6. Dec 2015, 20:39

done, your welcome SIr ;)

actually it's not the right place to post for account request (maybe soon forum administration will delete that thread) but the job are done anyway
DieAerzte94 wrote:5 Login
Step 2:

Permanent account:
A permanent account is made for regular use. You will get a predefined profile that can be reused whenever you want. Only permanent accounts will work with special profile-based server features like bank systems or admin logins. They are not immediately ready for action, but have to be manually created by the admins, what will take a few days. To request a permanent account, register and login to this forum. Then follow this link. In this form simply write the text "account request" and your preffered password. When you are done, send the message. That's all. Do not send us your GameSpy login data or other sensible information! When your permanent account has been created, you will get a response that confirms your new username and password. Multiple account requests by the same user will be ignored.

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