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Re: Server Mod Updates - V2.4.84 [15.08.2019]

Post by doc » Fri 16. Aug 2019, 15:30

Changes during the last 6 weeks:

  • !peace/pacifist - ADMINS
    Toggle peace
    Players cannot get hurt by other players during peace (similar to !protect)
    They can still get hurt by any other damage (unlike !protect)
    They still have limited health and energy (unlike !protect)
    It affects all players including later-joining players (unlike !protect)
  • !afk does not get reset on map restarts/changes anymore
  • !clone does not affect the autobalance and min-players-for-vtol limit anymore
  • !give now appears in the batte log (in the upper left corner)
  • !spawnr now works better with buy/service/capture/forbidden areas
  • !logs now sorts the logs by age
  • Renamed !pos/dir to !mov/rot
  • Renamed !gun Shift to !gun Move
  • Renamed !gun Show Direction to !gun Show Rotation
  • Weapons now also get suitable attachments from the player's inventory when being picked up
  • The auto-attach system now works better with certain attachments
  • Players do not spawn with Binoculars/NightVision anymore
  • Slightly increased the damage of C4 against infantry
  • Changed a few items on Steelmill/Quarry/Outpost
  • Changed a few objects on Steelmill
  • Minor improvements

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Re: Server Mod Updates - V2.5.2 [29.10.2019]

Post by doc » Thu 31. Oct 2019, 13:24

Changes during the last 2.5 months:

  • !commands now shows the commands in reversed group order (so it's more similar to !members)
  • !smoke now costs 50 instead of 25 prestige
  • !arena/match now also understand class shortcuts (similar to !tp/give/giver/spawn/spawnr/count/mark)
  • !arenar/levelr/mazer/stadiumr now should work correctly again
  • !tp (turret) now brings the player directly on turrets instead of behind them (similar to !tp (vehicle))
  • !speed now also sets the movement speed in water and zero-gravity (try this command with gravity spheres ^^)
  • !speed now has a default value of 1 instead of 0.35 (similar to !strength)
  • !reboot now also reloads the map as the changes can be much deeper now (more details in the last section)
  • Slightly increased the damage of RPG against US_tank (as requested by several players)
  • Tons of improvements
  • Major performance gains (especially while starting maps)

From the player perspective this update doesn't look so interesting, but code-wise it's the most important update since V2.0.0. In particular, I found a new approach for replacing the game's original Lua code without having to exclude files from the list of protected files. Compared to the old approach, the new one can also replace Lua functions called from C++ like OnInit(), OnBeginState(), OnStartGame(), OnUpdate(), OnTimer(), OnEnterArea(), etc. at any time. As far as I know, this hasn't been done before in the Crysis and Crysis Wars modding community. I also came a good step closer to my long-term vision of the mod.

Happy Halloween! ;)

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