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Re: Server Mod Updates - V2.4.21 [30.03.2018]

Postby doc » Sat 31. Mar 2018, 11:04

Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • !hit (name) now can also show the hit messages of other players (to moderators or higher)
  • !taxi/truck/tank/boat/portal now use effects
  • !taxi/truck/tank/boat/path/obj/eff/spawn/build/portal now snap the entities to the ground (if no height was given)
  • !count/mark now use the previous class, if no class was given (similar to !spawn/spawnr)
  • Replaced !build (building) (height) (mode) (team) with !build (building) (distance) (height) (mode) (team)
  • Replaced !portal (height) (prestige) with !portal (distance) (height) (prestige)
  • Various improvements
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Re: Server Mod Updates - V2.4.25 [15.04.2018]

Postby doc » Sun 15. Apr 2018, 21:50

Changes during the last 2 weeks:

  • ?(command) now also shows the allowed options for parameters (e.g. near/far/old/new/all, 0-100)
  • !count/mark now can also count/mark entities with a given model (e.g. !count barrel, !mark brary/architectu 12)
  • !spawns now can also show vehicles with a given substring (e.g. !spawns asian)
  • !spawn now can also add respawing entities (e.g. !spawn car mp red 120)
    Respawning entities keep the original rotation and stop respawning when removed
    As always, most parameters can be skipped (see ?spawn for details)
  • !spawn now can also add items with modifications (e.g. !spawn fy laser silencer scope)
  • !spawn now can also add vehicles with buyzones or spawnpoints
  • !spawn now stores the added entities in an own list (similar to !obj/path/maze/...)
    If an item is picked up or a vehicle is entered or an actor is killed, it gets removed from the list
    So !spawnr/clear do not remove entities, which are already in use (use !spawnr (class) instead)
    This also works with respawing entities
  • !spawnr (near/far/old/new/all) now only applies to the added entities (to avoid unintended removals)
  • !spawnr (class) (near/far/all) applies to all entities (as before)
  • !clear now also removes added entities
  • Bought cars now have random colors
  • Changed a few objects, items and vehicles on Mesa and Beach
  • Changed the following prices:
    Scar: 175 => 150
    Gauss: 2000 => 1400
    Incendiary attachment: 250 => 200
    Incendiary ammo: 125 => 100
    Trolley: 50 => 25
    Gauss Vehicle: 100 => 200
    MOAC Vehicle: 400 => 250
    MOAR Vehicle: 500 => 300
    MOAR Hovercraft: 600 => 350
    Spawn Car: 100 => 200
    Spawn Truck: 100 => 150
    Spawn Boat: 100 => 200
    Speed Boat: 25 => 0
    Helicopter: 450 => 400
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