Where Are You Guys?

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Where Are You Guys?

Postby ByDragonTR » Mon 15. Jan 2018, 18:23

We have to player togeter if we want fun. We have to join same time and maybe we can create a skype room for crysis player.Please invite ur crysis players.
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Re: Where Are You Guys?

Postby misterSD » Mon 15. Jan 2018, 21:24

There is already a discord for crysis (discord is similar to skype, it's even better :D) If you are really insterested, you can still join us here https://discord.gg/hhzkCG (unfortunaly, 80% of members are inactif and don't connect anymore :( ).
About me, I still play, I join time to time when I saw players online.
Crysis will stay the best game ever, it's sad to see there is only few players who still play :/
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