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Post by embak » Wed 22. Jun 2016, 14:19

Translated Complaints from that Russian forum :
Credits: Sash33 , Quillaur , BarsiK and Greg007 (both Russian players)

Most of GermanCrysis admins work for to be players leave Crysis. Yes they doing everything possible for to be players stop playing Crysis multiplayer.

What is differences from Cheaters and GermanCrysis admins:

1. Cheaters try modify game files (on HDD or in memory) for to take dishonestly advantage.
2. German Crysis admins use in-game admin commands for to take dishonestly advantage.

Finally both of them take dishonestly advantage in Crysis. I see NO differences between admins and cheaters.

What cheats often are used by GerCry admins:
1.Teleport cheat - they use SCAR weapon to teleport everywhere on the map.
2. Unlimited ammo cheat (him ammo never end - they refill with admin commands)
3. Unlimited weapons cheat.
4. Unlimited vehicles cheat - they spawn vehicles everywhere they want.
5. Unlimited helicopter and vtol cheat - they spawn helicopters and vtols everywhere they want.
6. Unlimited ammo for vehicles , helicopters and vtols.
7. !mortar command cheat - kill all the enemies around admin.
8. Unlimited bazookas and missiles
9. Unlimited money - they can buy who they wish - and can buy that EVERYWHERE

With all of these cheats actually Admins is most powerful than every regular cheater in Crysis.

People are not so stupid - they understood that fight VS admins (cheaters) are mission impossible and leave GermanCrysis servers.
No one like jokes too - Admin enter and all tanks and heavy vehicles begin to fly in the sky. Is that normal ? We wish simply to play in normal regular server - if we wish "fun" server - we will go to fun server and make more fun ..

The biggest problem there is - do not come back in multiplayer - they play singleplayer or uninstall

Please stop to ruin the game or soon all of GerCry admins will play alone in empty servers.

iniquities continued with renewed vigor:

In server enter admin-cheater , immediately he spawn freeze VTOL and begin to kill everybody.
I am inside my tank - admin with freeze vtol come and immediately destroy my heavy vehicle (who I buy with hard earned money).
When I ask him why he do that (because admin - cheater have unlimited money and can buy all who they wish) - angry admin reset my hardly earned money in my bank to zero. Yes, the admin stole my hardly earned in game money ...
Finally admin begin to insult me and my playing style :arrow: :idea:

If admins don't like heavy vehicles in game then they should to go and play "Call of Duty" or "Counter Strike" or "Crysis 3"

If they can't kill me - they use meanness to stole my money and destroy me :!:

I finish translation, excuse me if somewhere have errors :mrgreen:

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