Changes in Multiplayer of Power Struggle

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Changes in Multiplayer of Power Struggle

Postby LALM » Mon 23. May 2016, 13:48


I do not know who created these assets servers Crysis, and who monitors them, but I have a message to that person (or people), I was very grateful to have reborn the multiplayer of Crysis, very much, but made a very serious mistake that should be the reason for the lack of players and also my complaint and criticism construtiva.No change the game the way you are changing, I have nothing against it in new maps, but at least the old maps, do not change the game, and this refers to the costs of weapons, amount of ammunition, free arms (HappyHour and spawn), Limit of weapons of mass destruction (in Crysis Wars this exists, but in Crysis 1 not[but I agree with the time to access the weapons of mass destruction to prevent the game ends fast]),free vehicles, change of physical weapons (angle shot Tac Grenade and others), reappearing the AutoTurrets (again, this is indestructible in Crysis wars, but in Crysis 1 not), and what most angered and what made me write this text here, who the invented this " this weapon can not be used against infantry, "serious? of course not, who in good conscience think an RPG does not kill people? (do not give me an excuse that's why he ta using the Nanosuit, tank bullets are similar and kill infantry in the game), that's my complaint, not to asking to make a new server (but if you can, thanks), or to delete the new maps, I only ask you to do at least the old maps do not have any changes, not all people like that type of change, the game had and still has a fame have one of the best and most multiplayer innovators that already existed (PowerStruggle), and you want to remove most of this changing all multiplayer? (remember that I am not referring to maps), people who played crysis and play still looking for a clean multiplayer, no cheating,codes and no changes, and that to me is a cheat!, and again, nothing against new maps and this rules in new maps, if possible create a server only for that bet more people would that server because it has no restrictions if they can not have no problem, my request is only for PowerStruggle and old maps if possible, if I could donate I would donate something, but for something that most want and I want, I do not know if someone already talked about this in a forum or something, but I know I'm not one who thinks so, please, this is my request on behalf of all who think so :D
I will send this to the site also too
Sorry for the bad english, I use the google translator
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Re: Changes in Multiplayer of Power Struggle

Postby embak » Wed 25. May 2016, 17:54

then desislava are your server (as you wish) - totally un-modded server (only nuclear weapons prices are a little bit higher).....

basically desislava run shore map and can be used for tests ;) because are DX10 :idea:
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Re: Changes in Multiplayer of Power Struggle

Postby LALM » Sat 28. May 2016, 13:03

thank you, I had not realized that this server was un-modded because there were no players, therefore have not had time to test, but still thank you, I already got used to the nuke prices and will test the play on a server when I can, for now I will accostum to the fact that I can't use a V-TOL because of my ping be 180, and recognize that it is very difficult to kill someone in a V-TOL with a high ping [I remember very well :lol: ] unless you have a Gauss Tank and predict where the enemy will be after the delay, so for me this is fair :D. And again apologize for bad English.
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