Punch Nerfed

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Punch Nerfed

Post by Deus » Mon 28. Mar 2016, 18:50

Hello GerCry Community... I had great times on your awesome server, but last day i joined after a long time being inactive, and i found out that now puches in strenght mode appears to be underpowered... Why???? That was a great feature of the game, i seriously don't understand this choice... Please take the power back to nanosuit! :twisted:

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Re: Punch Nerfed

Post by doc » Tue 29. Mar 2016, 13:24

Hey Deus,

Many players are using macros to switch to strength mode, punch and switch back to armor mode in less than a second. Unfortunately, these shortcuts kind of destroyed the balanching, because it was incredibly easy to kill your opponents in close combat. With the new damage values, it's still possible to kill your opponents with only one hit, but now you have to aim for the head. Otherwise, you'll need two hits.

If the majority of players wants back the original melee damage, I'll reset it of course. But at the moment, the positive feedback seems to dominate.

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