Links zum weiterhin Crysis zu zocken?

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Links zum weiterhin Crysis zu zocken?

Postby FusioN.UESE » Fri 8. Aug 2014, 14:43

Schaut mal hier was ich gefunden habe. Ich kann zwar kein Englisch aber laut übersetzerr heisst doch das das man auch ohne germancrysisserver crysis zocken kann oder?
Und da kann mann auf dem Patch 1, 1.2, 1.21 sowie Crysis wars weiterhin miteinander zocken.

Wie findet ihr das?
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Re: Links zum weiterhin Crysis zu zocken?

Postby keneti » Fri 8. Aug 2014, 15:15

From where you fallen Fusion ? From the Moon? Or from the other galaxy ? :lol:

Do not exist "better alternative" than GermanCrysis multiplayer patch (read DieAertze posts at the forum root please)
All others are homemade made by amateurs and /or kids and may be incompatible with Steam , Origin and regular version as well.
They may modify Windows registry and may damage your Windows Operation System.
Please be careful with unofficial solutions!
For example how work GermanCrysis patch look here ... 05_players exist detail stats for all players who was played on that server , and if you see your name - click on it and will see more details and your rank.
Here exist stats who kill him and who was killed by him but if you hold your mouse on nano-suit will see where has been shot that player and what was damage on every place.

Few more details about GermanCrysis systems:

CryStats currently tracks:

Rank of all players + bonuses
New point system with who players can receive awards and him rank will be increased
Player Name and Player ID
Played Time
Kills + detail stats damage
Team-Kills + detail stats damage
Self-Kills + detail stats damage
Deaths and from where come fatal shot + damage
Shots in head + detail stats damage
Shots everywhere in your body + detail stats and log for every single damage (all damages are tracked - not only from weapons)
First Round played + detail stats (score, hits, kills, deaths and kill/death ratio and maps)
All rounds played everywhere + detailed stats (score, hits, kills, deaths and kill/death ratio )
Last Round played + detail stats (score, hits, kills, deaths and kill/death ratio and maps)
Last Server
Last Map
Last Game Mode
What weapons that player use for killing, what was damage , accuracy and many more details :!:

and many other minor functions like PenaltyBox to BadZone and many many more ( like greatest ESL anti-cheat implemented inside GerCry patches - that anticheat guarantee to you and to all players inside GermanCrysis servers "cheaters-free" gameplay ) ....

CryStats add new RANK system - all tracked players have bonuses for every single rank like Gold Star Medal , Silver Star Medal , Bronze Star Medal , Extreme Combat Medal , PowerStruggle Medal , InstantAction Medal , TeamInstantAction Medal and many other awards ...
We have many others exclusive awards too like Combat Pin , Headshot Pin , Looser Pin , PS Rank Pin , PS Super Rank Pin ;)

Additional Stats for following Gamemodes



Yes that is NEW game - old die with GameSpy.
Give it a try because it's PROFESSIONAL solution - if GermanCrysis have corporate sponsor all players who play that game can earn real money through that perfect CryStats system. ;)
GermanCrysis can be joined to electronics sports league and you can start your personal eSports career with GermanCrysis.
Yes ! Exist so many options but only GermanCrysis can resurrect that forgotten game with success !
At this moment do not exist other professional way to play Crysis & Crysis Wars ;)
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Re: Links zum weiterhin Crysis zu zocken?

Postby FusioN.UESE » Fri 8. Aug 2014, 20:59

Wie bist Du denn drauf? Wurdest Du vom Blitz getroffen? :roll:
Jeder kannn selber entscheiden für was er sich entscheidet das wirt auch Dein Roman nicht ändern können (",)
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