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Requesting official statement

PostPosted: Wed 26. Aug 2015, 15:55
by Youda008
Ok guys, i give it one more try.

With all politness I would like to ask few questions, which don't let me sleep, and i would like to hear some final official answer:

1. Why exactly don't you allow any more servers to run in GermanCrysis multiplayer system? Is it a fear of a proper server competiton or something else is behind it?

2. Why was my posts and account deleted the last time i came to this forum just to clear things up and ask you to stay fair and polite? Are you affraid of me? Are you affraid, that i will say/show something, what you don't want your members to see?

3. Why are some of your admins or members still so hostile against me everywhere on the internet, spreading nothing but pure lies? Can you show me some particular thing, what i did to GermanCrysis in the past, that deserves to be punished so hard?

Thanks for reading.
Youda - your game destroyer LOL :lol:

Re: Requesting official statement

PostPosted: Wed 26. Aug 2015, 17:59
by embak

Excuse me for off-topic (if need admins can to delete my post)
everybody knows (and if not, then all knows) I am not a part from GermanCrysis team and that mean my opinions are unofficial

Some history (just facts and nothing more)
1. German Crysis support own TeamSpeak3 server for talking in Crysis <<LINK>> long ago
2. German Crysis have support not only for Crysis - they support Crysis Wars Multiplayer too and here <<LINK>> can be seen one amazing map made by German Crysis map design team
3. All should to hate GerCry because they are bad people <<LINK to NoobHunters>> :idea:
4. Actually many people love German Crysis Multiplayer game servers too <<LINK>>
5. Cause of massive hackers attack German Crysis is closed forever <<LINK>>
6. German Crysis is alive again (moved to new host with DDoS protection) <<LINK>>
7. DieAertze was promoted as regular German Crysis multiplayer admin <<LINK>>
8. German Crysis say Good Bye forever <<LINK>>

1. NEW GermanCrysis was borned: German Crysis have new owner DieAerzte aka Doc and him team began to develop German Crysis Multiplayer GameSpy emulator (who should to replace original GameSpy multiplayer services after after him closing procedure) <<LINK>>
2. After few hundred hours tests, searching and finding glitches and bugs, German Crysis publish official Crysis multiplayer patch promoting video (that video was watched more than 15 500 people for just one year and are at first place everywhere in Googe when you search something about Crysis - all info follow to official German Crysis multiplayer patch)
3. People stay impatient - they wanted & need official German Crysis multiplayer patch <<LINK>> because some irresponsible people publish some kiddie shit everywhere in internet: German Crysis multiplayer patch will never be published and/or they will stole someone's work. Actually German Crysis multiplayer patch was ready two month before final gamespy closing procedure (as many people remember gamespy was closed one month later than official closing date).
4. German Crysis multiplayer patch are published <<LINK>>
5. new German Crysis masterserver are under DDoS again (how many lovers they have) <<LINK>>
6. GermanCrysis masterserver is hacked again <<LINK>>
7. German Crysis fix him masterserver & patch and add Windows 10 support <<LINK>>
by the way EA's continuing closure of master servers ..... (not only for Crysis series) <<LINK>>
8. German Crysis try to make Crysis to look amazing <<LINK>>
9. German Crysis are under cheater attack and him servers are updated regularly <<LINK>>
10. Crysis multiplayer patch receive new updates (now AMD FX cpu are supported) <<LINK>>
11. German Crysis have few hundred followers in facebook and ВКонтакте and youtube <<LINK>> thanks to DonAntony (and they increased every single day)
12. German Crysis multiplayer servers often are full with players due to their high popularity <<LINK>>

behind all of that are just one man (GerCry developer team leader) DieAertze aka Doc. Respect Sir :!:

:arrow: I apologize if I missed something or someone's work, please add all of that who was missed

Re: Requesting official statement

PostPosted: Wed 26. Aug 2015, 18:21
by Youda008
Hm, ok, thanks for detailed review.
But how does that answer any of my questions?
Btw with "official statement/answer" i was more expecting the actual owner DieAerzte, even you say you are not part of the community and if we have some questions, we should turn to him.

Re: Requesting official statement

PostPosted: Wed 26. Aug 2015, 23:58
by doc
1. This was the decision of the patch developer. We are just customers.
2. As far as I remember, your previous account and posts were deleted by AMD or Razor. I don't know what reasons they had.
3. Who are you talking about? I barely know you, so at least I don't have anything against you.

Re: Requesting official statement

PostPosted: Thu 27. Aug 2015, 00:09
by Youda008
Thanks for answering.

1. The patch developer is?

2. My humble opinion is, that you should maybe take care more of your admins, because they might be destroying the reputation of you all and GemanCrysis as a whole. I personaly realize, that GermanCrysis itself isn't bad at all and majority of people here are nice. But some other people might not be so patient to see that, because few bad admins can realiably put a bad light on the whole community/website/game_server and you might see some ugly rumors on the internet then.

Re: Requesting official statement

PostPosted: Thu 27. Aug 2015, 00:48
by Razor
i never banned anyone on the forum so for sure it was not me, also cause i lost all interest in crysis after gamespy shut it down.

but since i have been dragged in id like to know who you are, so at least i know who i am talking to.

anything happened after gamespy shut down doesnt concern me, so let me sleep like i did until now.

Re: Requesting official statement

PostPosted: Thu 27. Aug 2015, 10:56
by Youda008
Ok, if you need to know:

I'm an old Crysis player/modder/admin. I have been involved in Crysis multiplayer since about 2010. Very soon i found the beauty of server-side modding. I was running few own smaller game servers at home, then i tried hosting them at (i have my own story with them too), and later together with HipHipHurra we ran a bigger one on a rented server in German hosting company. I always stuck with patched version because of existence of the Crysis SDK -> more modding possibilities .. that's why you can't know me.

Although i have never ever interfered with GermanCrysis, simply because i was in the other version, your admin AMD decided to start hating me for unknown reason and deleting my posts/accounts everytime i came to say something ... i can only guess, it was because i am a friend of Zi (who btw did nothing too, but that's another story).

Another case is embak/desislava/keneti, but i guess i don't need to say anything, just read this forum - countless accusations without any single proof.

Now tell me: What should i as a visitor think about GermanCrysis, when all across your forum i read nothing but lies on address of me and my friends?

Re: Requesting official statement

PostPosted: Thu 27. Aug 2015, 12:08
by Razor
you see, too much shit happened between us and Zi, so its not a good thing even say his name

and i dont know anything between you and AMD, the only actual fact that i know is that the patch is private, some people already tried to copy it so....

i am not involved with the current game or community since i dont play since years but try think about this:

if i have something unique, and i am the only one having it, i can make my own market and my own price. why should i gave it to someone else to run my exact same business? losing customers by purpose to someone else which is using my same product? #marketrules

it doesnt make sense at all... if germancrysis and doc have this patch, and even with that there are few players .... why should he give the patch to someone else to lose the players on his servers, with his mods, with his patch, to let other people have them without even having worked on.

these are my thoughts, then i dunno... wait for an answer by doc then

Re: Requesting official statement

PostPosted: Thu 27. Aug 2015, 12:39
by Youda008
Yes, you are rigth, but

1. If it's private, why it is being advertised all over the internet as "the best", "the only", "the official" way to play Crysis Multiplayer?!? Official GameSpy was free for all and no server owners had control over it.
If you claim it as private, you should advertise it accordingly as private custom system with own rules applied.

2. I wouldn't be so sure about being "something unique, and you are the only one having it". There are little signs indicating it is already work of somebody else. But i won't make such claims before obtaining clear direct proof, also i don't want to get banned, so i will not expand any more.

Re: Requesting official statement

PostPosted: Thu 27. Aug 2015, 13:57
by Razor
i dont know if you are trolling or you just dont understand common sense:

1. private = created and developped inside germancrysis, so why is not to be considered private? i think you have a pc since you keep post here,so lets do an example: i come in your house(germancrysis host) and use your pc (germancrysis patch) is it private cause its yours or its public?
about gamespy, it was a system anything but flawless, and on old games were left running without any control... thats why it was shut down. also #grammar: private =/= best, unique, only.... vocabulary doesnt show them with the same meaning, so i would not compare those words.

2. on desislva hosting company i think germancrysis is the only one having it, and since (if i understood correctly) it was developped by germancrysis and desislava, it is unique in its own environment. so where is the problem claiming it as the only one? it is, thats a fact. if you are not planning to use it on a desislava host (which if you do we still have to consider the player environment and player count which would be counter-productive for germancrysis) why should you have it? you want something created by some people to get their product and steal players from them, using their own work. #nologicatall

do any of you ever studied a bit of finance or global politics? cause this is exactly how the world economics works....

and after this i wont answer anymore, i just jumped in cause my name was called... im a demon, when im summoned i appear, if i dont have anything else to do i return in my doom. for any questions about who made what with who and how and why and whom and where..... wait for doc, not my job :)