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Postby Youda008 » Thu 27. Aug 2015, 17:35

You completely missunderstood my post, please read again and more carefully.

I said:
a) On one side, you say it is a your own private matter with custom rules, therefore not fully available for all. That's OK.
b) But on the second side, your admins/devs advertise it on the internet as "the best", "the only", "the official" way to play Crysis multiplayer, which is in conflict with a), because GameSpy was open/free to use for all server owners and therefore Crysis Multiplayer Patch is not replacement for GameSpy.

I don't study finance or global politics, i study IT and programming. But i think i know what is considered to be "fair company competition", and those things, what desislava memberes and few GermanCrysis members do, doesn't belong to it.
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