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Map vote option for IA

PostPosted: Wed 18. Mar 2015, 14:39
by undrtkrNL

I have noticed there a no servers running populair IA maps.
I understand you want a more diverse range of maps to be played but instant action is not getting played these days because usually there are no populair maps running on any of the servers(Poolday aimmap steelmill). I know you can't just simply run another server with these maps so maybe you could put in an easy to use mapvote function so players could change to the map they desire to play? I really miss Instant action being played these days and i know people usually dont because they do not like alot of maps for instant action.



Re: Map vote option for IA

PostPosted: Wed 18. Mar 2015, 14:48
by doc
There already is a map-voting system. Two minutes before a match ends, people can vote for their favorite map by writing "!vote yourmapname" into the chat. At the same time you can find a list with all available map names in your console, including the ones you mentioned.

Re: Map vote option for IA

PostPosted: Sun 22. Mar 2015, 20:08
by undrtkrNL
I know, but when a map comes up that is considered to be **** people are less bothered to go into an IA session... Also, 2 players need to trigger one of these maps.. If there would just be a way to cast a mapvote when one of these less favourable maps are up and running that would greatly improve playability of IA servers.