CD key in use

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CD key in use

Postby Denek » Sun 11. Jan 2015, 21:52

Hello, some times if i trying to connect serever got errro (3)

in log says

[net 20:21:16.885] Disconnect; profid=0; cause=10; msg='Remote disconnected: CD Key in use'
[Error] <Flash> Error: Can't find method 'setResumeEnabled' to invoke. [Libs/UI/Menus_StartMenu.gfx]

how to fix that? maybe need some crysis cd-key changer to pick up the key is not identical to that used already
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Re: CD key in use

Postby doc » Sun 11. Jan 2015, 22:50

It means, there is already another player on the server using the same cd-key.
So you should use a different one during the installation process.
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