Ban one more time for nothing

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Re: Ban one more time for nothing

Postby Coregamer » Fri 26. Dec 2014, 22:25

misterSD wrote:Jester told me that kick you because you were invisible, he not see you. I know after the connection can be bad

Im my 7 years of playing crysis, i have not seen an invisibility hack whatsoever

And it just shows that Jester is a lyar, because I have got one of the best internet connections on the server, so defiinititelly no problem with me.

One time he banned me - i switched to STRENGHT mode and was killing him 5 times in a row(without any bullet) - he obviously couldn´t take it so he used ban(appearantly this persobs persons only power.

AlPha see that bug at first time - reason was AlPha have very bad Internet (him ping always jumping from 60 to 260)

I think i have got one of the best nets(lowest pings on the server) so problem couldn´t be in me, and again that jester fool bans without any reason - there are atleast 5 other players that I talked to that were banned from germancrysis for no reason (they told me that because of jester too!)
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Re: Ban one more time for nothing

Postby embak » Fri 26. Dec 2014, 23:11

Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Have fun and relax. (and please forgive to him Mr.Uese)

Finally I wish to post here one "open letter" from our Host to all Crysis fans:


First of all i wish to say one big Thank you to all the great GermanCrysis members, players and supporters of the GermanCrysis for the past 7 years!
It was a great time for all of us and i will never forget the up and downs of our lovely Crysis. Yes, finally we survive and now every single day can be seen 30-40 players who play in GermanCrysis servers (on the weekends players are much more)


Now GermanCrysis are not only one Crysis server or clan. GermanCrysis are the Game

I wish to you all from the bottom of my small woman's heart The Best!

kind regards from our hosting company

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Yours sincerely,
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Re: Ban one more time for nothing

Postby doc » Sat 27. Dec 2014, 01:20

Guys, can you please stop your annoying religious discussion? This is a games forum.
If you wish to have a verbal battle between Catholics and Muslims, it is the wrong place... :roll:
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