Bug at Mesa Map with your new Patch

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Bug at Mesa Map with your new Patch

Post by senna » Thu 17. Jul 2014, 09:46

Hello People,

im a crysis player since 3 years 8-)
I was very suprised as i heared from shutdown of masterserver.
And now it is really reality.
But thanks to GermanCrysis Team, your patch works fine, i could join your servers.
Thanks for that many work you done. I think it was a lot of work.

But nooow I must report of a biiig BUG,

in the morning I played with some Player on yor Map Mesa.
It works fine, except one screen freeze, but maybe i must check my graphic card settings for this problem.

But suddenly during gameplay, i saw the screen of my scanner several times real big on the sky.
What was happen? Im really confuse. And suddenly it was away.
I just wanna tell it.

Greetings :mrgreen:

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Re: Bug at Mesa Map with your new Patch

Post by doc » Thu 17. Jul 2014, 12:37

This bug can also occure in a clean, unpatched game and is not related to our patch. It's one of that strange random behaviors of Crysis like flying doors, flickering skies or permanent mouse cursors.

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