Alien and Hurricane

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Alien and Hurricane

Postby cabal55 » Thu 21. Jul 2011, 01:38

I would like to see cmds in the !help list that disable the freeze and hurricane party where you get the ceph guns and the minigun for free. players should have the choice to recieve those weapons instead of it being forced to em so i dont have to drop them when i dont want them >.<

like !alien off and !minigun off

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Re: Alien and Hurricane

Postby mandariene » Thu 21. Jul 2011, 09:42

Those weapons are optional, noone forces you to use them. However, it wouldn't be great for the perfomance of the server to code this -the server had to create a file for every user with the actual status (want/do not want) and acces all these files when the weapons are shared. I bet the "Freeze Time" etc. would be followed by heavy lags in this case...
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