Size of the bank account

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Size of the bank account

Post by doc » Mon 19. Aug 2019, 15:16

I think the size of the bank account is still too large at higher bank levels. As AMD mentioned here 6 years ago, the bank should support you, but not give you a nearly infinite budget. Never having to care about prestige also makes the gameplay less interesting.

Currently, a min-level bank account can hold up to 5,000 prestige and a max-level bank account can hold up to 50,000 prestige. So in total, the size grows by a factor of 10, giving older players a huge advantage over newer players. My suggestion is to keep the min-level size the same, but decrease the max-level size to 25,000 prestige. It's still more than enough to handle critical situations, but doesn't allow you to dominate other players by simply "throwing money" at them.

What is your opinion about this topic?

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